These are Limited-Edition Hand-Signed and Numbered pieces of collectable artwork from graphic artist and coaster enthusiast Gabby Gomes!  She designed this art to feature and celebrate Thrills United and all of you who love living life to the fullest!


THERE ARE ONLY 50 OF THESE IN THE WORLD, and when they are gone - they're gone! These limited-edition posters will never be printed and sold again! 


Each "poster" (it's way nicer and cooler than a "poster"!) is printed on super-thick cardstock.  They are 11 inches by 17 inches, so you should be easily able to find a frame to display yours!


These also feature the photography of another one of our favorite artists, Bob Kilner from @bkphotopage on Instagram.  Thank you Bob for letting us use your amazing pics!


Half of the profits from these posters will go to Logan to help him plan and execute trips to make more videos for you guys, and half of the profits will go to the artist, Gabby.  So if you buy one, you are supporting Thrills United and also an amazing young artist in the community!  


The posters will be sold in numerical order.  So, the first person to buy one gets #1 of 50, the next person gets #2 of 50, etc. 


These will ship through US mail, and will be sent in a thick tube to protect the artwork. Like all of our merch, it's $5 shipping and handling to anywhere in America and $15 shipping and handling to anywhere else in the world!


Check out more of Gabby's art on Instagram at @lamecoasternerd, or her website


Thank you Gabby for partnering with us on this cool project!

Limited-Edition Signed & Numbered Artwork