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Thrills United is a community of people from all over the world who love to live life to the fullest!  We go to amusement parks and other thrilling places seeking adventure and fun!  If you love to pursue thrills, and you want to find others like you, you are part of our community! We are:

  • United in friendship

  • United against bullying

  • United in our desire to live exciting, fulfilling lives!

If you buy a t-shirt or hoodie and wear it somewhere you are seeking thrills, send us a pic and we will feature you on our social media!


Photo Credit: Brooke Daniels Photography 


Our friends at the British YouTube channel Coaster Bot have just created a cool new survey system to find out the world's best roller coasters! If you love coasters, go there now and share your opinions!

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Regional Representatives

We have a team of thrill-seekers across America and around the world who host meet-ups, report on new thrill rides, and spread the message of living life to the fullest!
Logan TU.jpg

Southern Ohio
Logan is a 16 year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He's loves roller coasters, and ridden over 500 in 10 different countries!  He also loves flipping on trampolines, golf, disc golf, racquetball, bungee jumping, and pistol shooting.  His biggest passion is traveling with friends, experiencing new adventures together!



United Kingdom

Nye is a 14 year-old coaster enthusiast from Shropshire, England. He loves acting, singing,  video editing, all things Halloween and of course roller coasters. He enjoys talking with other enthusiasts from around the world through meeting up or through social media and the thrill of overcoming fears by doing be brave challenges.

Billy Hoodie.jpg


Billy is a 15 year old from Atlanta, GA.  Billy loves coasters and haunted houses!  Billy is a guard on his school football team and also wrestles. Billy’s best friends happen to be thrill seekers too and he will jump at any chance he has to catch up with them  in a new destination for a new adventure!




Connor is a 15 year-old from St. Charles, Illinois. He’s of course a roller coaster junkie that at the moment has Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point as his number 1 coaster. He is also a competitive bowler that has traveled all around his his home state as well as various other states for tournaments. Connor enjoys recreational golf, swimming, going tubing, and of course Chick-Fil-A. 

Emilio Real.jpg



Emilio is a 18 year-old from Mexico City, Mexico. He loves roller coasters and theme parks and traveling around the world, even though he has only been to 3 countries in North America. He loves playing volleyball at school with some friends, playing the piano, specially Queen, play with Legos, cooking, he loves spicy food, and his biggest passion is hanging out with friends and hopefully sometime, travel around the globe with them!


New England


Skylar is 16 years old and from southern Connecticut. She’s obsessed with all things roller coasters and also loves to figure skate. Skylar best enjoys spending her time with her friends, no matter what they’re doing.

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 12.40.42
Hunter Pic.jpg



Hunter is a 17 years-old, from Orlando Florida. He loves roller coasters, drumming, football, and Disney World. His biggest passion is traveling around the world riding roller coasters with friends, and sharing  experiences throughout media platforms.

Miriam TU Rep.png




Miriam is 17, from Madrid, Spain. 
She really liks riding rollercoasters and dark rides. Besides coasters, she likes photography, riding zip lines, hanging out with my friends, speaking different languages, and this year she is going to start studiying tourism!




Dane is a 14 year-old from Northern Virginia, outside of Washington DC.  Dane has been a coaster enthusiast since he was 2 years old!  He is a competitive swimmer on a year-round swim team, enjoys snow skiing, is a fan of classic horror films and haunted attractions, and is a huge animal lover with pet frogs and cats.  




Iacopo is a 18 year-old from Rome, Italy. He has ridden almost 400 different coasters around the world. He is studying to become a sound mixer, he's biggest dream is to work in a major movie set. He also loves to ride his motorcycle around the city.

Dom TU.jpg



Dominick is an 12 year-old kid from Long Island, New York but he lives in Texas. He has ridden 56 roller coasters in Europe and the U.S combined. He enjoys playing Planet Coaster, talking to other enthusiasts, fencing, and playing baseball.

His biggest passion is traveling around the U.S riding roller coasters and making new friends as he goes!

Marina & Natalia


Natalia and Marina are 15- and 18-year old sisters from Orlando, Florida. They love dancing, music, riding coasters, and spending time with friends and family. In their spare time, they like to dance, tumble, and travel places with their family. Their main passions include inspiring and helping others and making valuable memories.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 6.28.07 PM.png
Michael TU Rep.png


Southern Florida


Michael is 15 years old and lives in Miami, Florida. His family is from Columbia, where he visits regularly, and they also travel all over the world seeking adventure and thrills!



Northern Ohio

Eliza is a 16 year-old from Akron, Ohio. She loves to travel to different big cities and amusement parks. She enjoys playing rugby, seeing musicals, and doing anything fun and exciting. Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her friends and make memories.





Villas is 20 years old. He loved coasters since he was 2 years old, and have ridden over 200 Roller Coasters around Europe. He also like climbing and he does Bouldering in his sparetime. He also just love hanging out with his friends.





Declan is a 15 year-old from Missouri who lives north of Edinburgh, Scotland. He loves roller coasters, traveling ling to different countries, and spending time with friends, especially at theme parks. His other hobbies include doing tricks and flips on trampolines, gymnastics, and taking pictures. His main passion is making fun memories with friends and family.



The Netherlands

Luuk is a 17 year-old, living close to Utrecht, The Netherlands. Besides loving to ride the most insane coasters (he just past the 100-mark this summer) he is very active in playing basketball, coaching a junior team team (consisting of 10-11 year old boys and girls) and being a referee on the court of national basketball matches. When he grows up he hopes to be able to work at a company designing and building ....roller coasters! 




Tyler is a 14 year old from Toronto, Canada.  He has a passion for roller coasters, photography and baseball. He plays in a highly competitive Rep baseball league and does a lot of video editing for sports and coasters! He loves to travel around the world, but especially to amusement parks while meeting new friends. 

Archie TU Rep.png


Southern United Kingdom


Archie is 15 years old and from the UK. His home park is Thorpe park and absolutely loves theme parks. He is also into body boarding and goes down to the coast every summer and spends 2 weeks at the beach. He is also a actor hoping it get his big break soon. I’m terms of rollercoasters his favorite is Taron at Phantasialand but also loves the Smiler and Alton towers and Stealth at Thorpe Park.

Parker TU Rep.png




Parker is 17, from central Wisconsin. Besides coasters, his other interests include competitive mountain biking, in which he races all around the state of Wisconsin, and in the winter, he does cross country ski racing. He also loves golf, and is on his high school golf team.

Robert TU Rep.png




Robert is 15 years old and from Arizona. He loves doing crazy tricks on his pro scooter and riding roller coasters. He also enjoys doing flips on the trampoline. His top 3 favorite coasters are Steel Vengeance, Lightning Rod and Formula Rossa.

Marc TU Rep.png




Marc is 19 years old and from Basel, Switzerland, and has a huge passion for rollercoasters. He also likes to design coasters himself in NoLimits 2. He also absolutely loves skiing and axe throwing. He works in a bakery which sells bread, sandwiches and sweet pastries. He also loves bread in it's many forms and loves to make his own at home, which is why he loves his job so much.

Mulin TU Rep.png


Pennsylvania / New Jersey 


Mulin is 16 years old from Princeton, NJ and loves spending his free time doing his favorite activities in Pennsylvania. He has a huge passion for roller coasters and has ridden coasters in many different countries including China and Japan. Besides coasters, he is a competitive Alpine Snowboarder and enjoys going snowboarding every weekend in the winter. In summer, he loves skateboarding and all sorts of other sports. He also loves photography, botany, spending time in nature, and making new friends!

Austin TU Rep.png


Northern California


Austin from NorCal is a roller coaster enthusiast and photographer. His home park is California's Great America. He Is 18 and very passionate about his work.


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